EndoVigilant Applications

EndoVigilant Platform is pre-loaded with powerful and useful clinical AI applications influenced by gastroenterologists, for gastroenterologists



AI enabled Computer Aided Detection assistance for your colonoscopy procedures!

Increase your Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) with reliable and early detection of hard to see polyps!

In previously conducted demonstrations and pilot studies, EndoVigilant’s ColonCAD application has performed credibly in detection of colon polyps –

  • Increased findings of adenomatous and serrated polyps that are are pre-cursors to colon cancer in future.
  • Ability to identify multiple polyps simultaneously, if present in field of view.
  • No observable lag to video feed used by physician, allowing it to be used as the primary screen.
  • Early detection and identification of polyps to get physician’s attention, thereby improving detection of transiently visible polyps.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the medical device claims presented in this here have not been validated and approved by FDA and the device is investigational at this stage