Introducing EndoVigilant Platform

Bridging efficiency and efficacy gap in easily integrable manner!

  • In-line video augmentation & overlay w/ information helpful to the physician for real-time detection and assessment
  • Automated image and video capture of areas of interest for use in procedure reports, future follow ups, collaboration, clinical studies, and research
  • State of the art AI enabled Voice assistant trained on Gastroenterology specific vocabulary for annotating captured images, videos, and documentation associated with the finding
  • Automated procedure attributes & metric generation for integration into EMR/Procedure Report Writers and reporting to GIQuIC, a GI industry consortium focused on quality control
  • Off the shelf hardware with computing power to perform these functions without introducing any observable latency to the video feed or the clinical workflow. 

Computer Aided Detection (CAD) assistance via Real-Time Video Augmentation

Be it CAD assistance to detect an abnormality, or to characterize it, or whether key landmarks have been already observed in the endoscopy procedure, the information is presented in an overlay and in augmented fashion in real-time on top of the original procedure video feed. that the physician is watching.

EndoVigilant platform provides useful information to assist you, right when you need it, where you need it, without any distraction or change to your clinical workflow!

AI algorithm training with data that makes a difference!

AI algorithms used on the EndoVigilant platform are trained with images, carefully and innovatively extracted from video recordings of real procedures performed by expert gastroenterologists and labeled and reviewed by trained experts. EndoVigilant has data agreement and recorders at multiple ambulatory endoscopy centers, who continue to provide us new anonymized data on an ongoing basis. Our patented technology guarantees we have autonomous access to already pre-sorted data for training which will further refine our software model.

AI enabled applications are only as good as the quality and fidelity of the data they have been trained on!

Plug’n’Play Integration

EndoVigilant platform is easy to integrate with existing endoscopy systems from any vendor without any impact or upgrades required to those systems. EndoVigilant platform can be configured as the primary or secondary feed per physician’s preference and need. Get access to new CAD features without having to wait for endoscopy vendor’s next release cycle!

Once deployed, EndoVigilant platform also provides other useful features – automatic transfer of polyp finding data and procedure metrics to the report writing software, annotated polyp finding clips/images etc., just to name a few!

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the medical device claims presented in this here have not been validated and approved by FDA and the device is investigational at this stage